Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get it while the price is good

As I sit down this morning, Palladium is $237 per ounce. This means I can sell all the 950Palladium jewelry metals for $13.86 per dwt or about $278. That in itself is good news. But when you compare this to 14kt white gold?! 14kt for casting is $24.86 a dwt, or $497.20 an ounce. In fact 10kt is far more costly than palladium. 10kt is $17.61 a dwt or about $352 per ounce.

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ann said...

Daniel, I read an old post of yours showing about Iodine blackening palladium. I have an old ring marked Granat on one side of the shank and PALLADIUM on the other side of the shank. Right above the hallmark, the shank has been welded to the upper part of the shank, which is a different color white. I was told to have the setting acid tested, which showed it to be 14K per nitric. I later read palladium would dissolve in nitric. I'm trying to determine if the ring is all palladium or part 14K..... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!