Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rhodium Plating-The Mystery

I just got off the phone with Neal Bell. No special problems were found or special procedures needed to plate the palladium ring. Very puzzling. Since we have not duplicated the problem, we can only guess at what it might be. One thing is for certain-Rhodium plating requires a very clean surface, and all normal procedures must be strictly adhered to. Please post what your results have been, successful or not. If you simply want to send out your plating work I highly recommend Red Sky Plating. You can contact Neil@redskyplating.com.


Rhodium plating 950 palladium./Kraftwerks

Some reports have come in that 950palladium is proving difficult to rhodium plate. What happens is a sizing is done with solder that leaves a gray line. This is a good reason to get solders made for 950 palladium. Like our PD-E here at PMWest.

The reported problems have been a cloudy look to the rhodium. Not wanting to let something like this go unsolved, I called my best connection in the plating world-Neil Bell of Red Sky Plating. We spoke and he kindly agreed to try a sample I sent to him. This was a very busy time for him, as he was preparing for the Santa Fe Symposium.
I have received the sample ring back and it looks great.

Soon (today I hope) I will talk to Neil and get the details on what he does to get good results.

Kraftwerks is this weekend. its your best chance to get to see and work with 950 palladium.