Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plumb Pd Solder Breakthrough

You know when you to the refining or foundry side of alloy work, you get very appreciative of those who test and assist at the bench. That bench work sits at the heart of our industry along with casting, stones and the rest. When I made some of the very first solders designed for 950 Palladium I was unable to test them properly at a bench. After all I am no bench jeweler! So I relied on my bench working friends, my beta test" crew. But they are not accomplished photographers.

Kudos to Mark B Mann who graciously tests all kinds of palladium products. he tested our "Plumb Palladium Hard" solder with good results as pictured. To me its old news that we have a great solder. It may be real news to you, the reader but the bigger news is this product he found called "Firescoff". Palladium does oxidize with torch heat. Sometimes you have areas that you can not re-polish

Mark not only tested the solders but took some of the cleanest soldering pictures of the process you will ever see. That my folks is not easy! Please remember these images were all done by Mark. if you have more questions contact Mark as per below.

My sincere thanks to

Mark B. Mann

Mann Design Group, Inc.


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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog randomly, and I am glad I did! I have a palladium question...

If I am considering a palladium eternity band to wear with my platinum engagement ring, if there anything problematic about that?

For example, will one metal harm the other if worn side by side? Will it be obvious that I am wearing two different metals?

Palladium is simply more affordable. Why spend more on platinum when it could be spent on diamonds?!

feel free to email me at