Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How white is white?

When we talk about "whiteness" in a jewelry alloy, we should use a recognized scale. the CIE lab system works well. On a scale of zero being black and one hundred being white-Pure silver rates a 93. Platinum alloys run at about 87. 950 palladium alloys run at abour 84 or 85, while most white golds run from 78 to 83.

The human eye is different than a labratory. that's why we have them. With a very high polish palladium and platinum look very similar or perhaps the same. Not identical to my eye, but very close. To another persons eye the palladium may look better.

Better, not "whiter" is what sells jewelry now isn't it?

Daniel Ballard

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James K. said...

I've been searching the web looking for more info on Pd. I know this site is for jewelers, but I'm trying to find that "perfect" ring. I thought my only option was Platinum because I know she doesn't want gold, but on a whim, I looked into Pd. I just want to make sure it doesn't sound "too good to be true". If you have a bit of time - I just had a few questions:
I like the look of the high polish/shine - with pd does this fade over time - if so does it happen quickly and can it be "repolished"?
Does it scratch easily? If so, can they be buffed out easily? Can it be engraved?
Are there any drawbacks to pd?
Finally - can you point me in a direction of someone who can custom make a Pd engagement ring/setting?
Thanks again! I'd really appreciate any info!
James K. Cook